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AirMatters Toolkit

What is the AirMatters Program Toolkit?

The Air Matters Program moves beyond traditional indoor air quality education, empowering residents to take a hands-on, active and informed role in protecting their families from indoor air hazards. The toolkits include a set of 11 tools, instruments and materials that help detect, monitor and reduce exposure to common indoor air quality hazards. None of the tools alone can prevent indoor air hazards, but together, the tools have been shown to engage residents, promote behavior change and reduce risk.  

How does it work?

Kits are used for outreach, as part of indoor air assessments and remediation, as part of asthma-home visit programs and as community-based outreach tools. Communities will often customize their toolkits, depending on the specific needs of their residents. As of 2023, over 2,300 toolkits had been distributed by tribes nationally.

How much do they cost?

With shipping and handling, the average cost of the kit is $105.00 each. The Tribal Healthy Homes Network purchases the supplies in bulk and assembles the toolkits and cue cards. Tribes and non-tribal communities fund their toolkit programs a variety of ways.

The kit is not intended to replace the evidence-based practices that are the national standard for outreach, including the “Asthma Home Visit” model, or the “Healthy Home Checklist”. Rather, the kit is intended to advance the efficacy of these practices, by moving residents along the continuum from education to empowerment, and from knowledge to action. These kits can be customized with specific tools for your residents and families.

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