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Training Program

What is the Program?

The Tribal Healthy Homes Network Circuit-Rider program partners with you and your tribal community to provide customized, on-site, healthy homes training. We principally train tribes across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska, but with special arrangements, we also train tribes across the country. Since 2008, we have worked side-by-side with tribes and reached over 1200 tribal professionals through this program, including:

  • tribal housing, construction and resident-services staff

  • maintenance crews

  • tribal environmental, air quality and IGAP staff

  • teachers and caregivers in tribal schools and early childhood learning facilities

  • clinicians, nurses and community health workers in tribal health care

  • custodial staff

How does it work?

Once you contact us to initiate a training request, we will work with you to design a curriculum that meets your training needs and arrange logistics. Your workshop lasts anywhere from a 4- hour to an 8-hour session, to two full days, depending on the number of different departments you would like trained. Prior to your training, we connect you with EPA, HUD and healthy home professionals to ensure we are bringing you the best available science and the most current resources.

Is there a cost?

The Tribal Healthy Homes Network covers up to 8 hours of on-site training time, at no cost to your tribe. Travel expenses for our trainers are typically paid for by the host tribe. However, tribes have also used HUD grants, EPA grants, and HUD technical assistance funding to cover all of the training costs.

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